Designer: Amanda Marcucci  


Born in the bustling Italian city of Genoa, Amanda Marcucci seems to be the quintessential bohemian – creative, free-spirited and uninhibited. She started out as a typical ‘70s kid, caught in the rip as the wave of the ‘60s finally broke and rolled back, taking with it a valuable disinterest in conventional behaviour. Nevertheless she was one who always fought the current and spent her childhood travelling, taken by her Tuscan dad and English mum. She was often captivated by the microcosm cultures and diverse lifestyles that she experienced as a wide-eyed, hippie summer child. Then she moved as far afield as dusty Austin, Texas, and developed her love of Silver, Turquoise and all things Navajo. After that she swept back across the pond to London, where she studied at the prestigious Chelsea Art College, before moving onto The London College of Fashion in the early ‘90s. As it happened her studies also coincided with a certain zesty explosion of individualistic style and caring business, otherwise known as Vivienne Westwood. For three years the young fashionista followed her idol and tumbled down her very own creative rabbit hole. Fortunately there was light to be found at the bottom and she later became a Fashion Stylist, which afforded her the opportunity to visit Milan and Paris, whilst also pursuing her innate interest in the fashion world.

It wasn’t long before Marcucci began to apply her unique perspective as a vagabond to the medium of jewellery design. After becoming a stylist she spent one summer attending various weddings, birthdays and parties throughout the Mediterranean. She hopped between St.Tropez, Ibiza, Sardinia and Tuscany and soon began to realise that there was a distinct lack of luxurious beach jewellery. She saw a gap in the market for effortless and chic jewellery that could be taken from the beach to a party. Instead of opting for something shoddy and uncomfortable she decided to make the pieces herself and dabbled in the creation of ten sets of leather necklaces, stacking bracelets and chandelier earrings. This little foray into jewellery design evoked quite a revelation when fellow beachgoers flocked around her, drawn to the cool, understated appeal of her personalised pieces. Marcucci had found something she’d been looking for since she was a kid: a way to live untethered and earn money whilst travelling.




Needless to say that Marcucci returned from her holiday better off than when she’d left, toting a long list of orders and potential clients. Just like that Amanda Marcucci Jewellery had left the ground. Over the following years the young designer sketched and created a luxury range of beach jewellery adorned with colourful semiprecious stones, dainty charms and plates of rough Agate. Occasionally she would unfurl her wings with bold signature pieces, yet always she retained the lively and subtle gypsy touch which characterised her brand. In time Marcucci’s creations began to appear in numerous high-end style magazines, from Cosmopolitan to Grazia. At the same time she used the publicity to champion fair trade and the ethical sourcing of the constituent materials in her collection.




Today Marcucci heads one of the first labels to offer a bohemian beach collection to a global market. Her ethically-sourced pieces are styled with bright colours and motifs that inspire adventure. Every single one was designed in the UK and crafted in Italy or Brazil. They are available in numerous countries around the world, including Barbados, Italy, USA, Ibiza and many other far-flung places. You can find out more about Amanda Marcucci on her website.

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