A World in a Stone: Our Favorite Opals On Instagram


The great thing about a gemstone is it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Endless pleasure can be had from seeing how subtle changes in light will affect its effusion. In the industry we call this refraction. Opals are perhaps the finest example of this curious effect. They shimmer with a palette of vivid colours and have the appearance of an encased universe. We thought we’d delve into the delights of Instagram and see if we could find our favorite examples.

This Beautiful Boulder Opal is matched with fossilized wood grain and set as a subtle pendant. It features an Australian boulder opal, rust-colored at the rounded point, with misty swirls and florescent speckles.


Boulder Opal


The body surface color of this Australian Opal evokes an abstract painting with a smudged mixture of pastel colors. It’s actually a thin slice of opal sandwiched between crystal quartz and black glass reminiscent of a black opal.


Opal ring


We just loved this unusual Boulder Opal. We think it shines like an aerial view of a lit city, glinting with the dusty golden rings of a cut tree, split by rivers of vivid blue.




Plucked from the classic Shan Shui collection, this smooth Boulder Opal effuses the calming colour of a traditional Chinese painting. The stone is set into a bangle of 18 carat yellow-gold and was handmade in Hong Kong.




Finally we decided to show you another, slightly more rugged, Boulder Opal. This one seems to have a crust of molten obsidian rock cropped around shimmering pools fringed with turquoise.



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